Can I get your wonderful artwork on my flute?
Absolutlely! In fact, the majority of the artwork and flute scultping I do is on flutes that customers already own. Take a look at the past work I've done on the Artwork & Chasing page and let me know what you dream of having your flute look and feel like.

How long does it take you to make a flute?
I tend to say 3 months but it always ends up being longer. Building everything from the ground up each time I make a flute is very time consuming. With all the artwork and design that goes into it each one becomes a labor of love. My Design page shows it all.

Can I get my flute adapted to your footjoint cluster or do I have to buy one of your flutes?
You don't need to buy my flute. I have adapted and converted hundreds of roller clusters on many different makes of flute from inexpensive student flutes up to handmade instruments. Be aware that this design can't have and never needs a D# roller. Visit Flute Modifications on my Services page.

Are these flutes hard to pad or adjust?
They do look tricky, I'll admit but the cup sizes, pad heights, adjustment spaces and openings are within the same tolerances as any other quality flute. Any qualified flute technician should have no problem with it.

Your flutes are so delicate and beautiful!
Do they play?

I'm always surprised when I hear this. The fact is this: why would I make a flute that couldn't play? I've been a flutemaker for 40 years and an artist second to that. My flutes compete with any other handmade flute in quality mechanism, mechanical integrity, ease of play and acoustic flexibility, resonance and range. Lunn flutes are played in orchestras, jazz, folk and chamber music settings all over the world.